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Chef Cal DeMercurio’s passion is to bless others by using his culinary gifts and wisdom, gained from over 40 years’ experience in the professional kitchen. He began his passionate pursuit of food at the age of 16 when he entered the back door of a local restaurant and offered to wash dishes for free just so he could watch the chef work. His unwavering commitment to excellence in food preparation has always been a goal that he hopes to share with all.

Tel: 530-949-1416 |  Email: chefcal@chef.net





Chef Cal's name is synonymous with weddings, anniversaries and other memorable occaisions. Catering menus are custom developed for each and every special event.



As a Certified Executive Chef and independent entrepreneur for over 30 years, spanning 5 restaurants, Cal has a strong adaptation for building the  business concept.



Chef Cal is available to conduct seminars and teach eager students about the finer elements and components involved in the composition of a meal, along with wine pairing education.

The Family Feast

Eating Should Always be a Memorable Experience

"I embrace simplicity as elegance on the plate, a sense of urgency in the kitchen, and an unwavering commitment to excellence for serving the guest. But most of all, family and friends coming together around the table, that's what will always fuel my passion for everything about food."


"To Cal, 
Thank you for your enthusiasm for our wines and your dedication to wine and food."

Robert Mondavi 


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Grilled Salmon
Fresh Herbs for the Plate
Cappelini and Giant Meatball
Grilled Wedge Salad
Rib Eye Steak with Onion Ring
Chef Cal Sautee