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Restaurant Consulting

In this day and age, where the costs of running a business are ever increasing, the necessity of growing your brand and pursuing innovational expertise can often be cut or simply fall by the wayside. But a fast-paced society and ever increasing "foodie" culture has raised the bar for restaurants and food services. Do you have anyone available for you to evaluate and develop a strategy to establish your concept? Build your brand? Set yourself apart?


Servicing Northern California since 1987, Chef Cal provides hands-on assessments and audits, executive strategy sessions, and training intensives for area restaurants. Whether your establishment is an Independent, Multi-Unit or Hotel , or your industry segment is a QSR, Family Casual or Fine Dining , your food service project will be evaluated and assessed through a multi-step process, beginning at the ideation phase, moving through feasibility, operations and finally to implementation.


The list below is a comprehensive stepping stone to honing in on your business needs and determining what will best benefit your business and point you to success for your food service project. 

Food Components

Menu Development

Menu Costing and Pricing

Food Cost and Yield Analysis

Recipe R&D

Recipe Testing

Flavor Profiles

Current Trends

Plating and Expediting

Food Styling and Photography

Product Quality

Inventory Utilization

Recipe Scaling

Allergen Concerns

Dietary and Health Concerns and Trends

Specials and LTOs

BOH/Kitchen Compenents

Kitchen Design and Equipment Selection

Test Kitchen Development (Multi-Unit)

Prep-line Procedures

Production Standards for Consistency

Best Practices Tips and Techniques

Portioning Tools and Cutting Guides

Kitchen Technology

Recipe Book with Quality Keys

Culinary Education for Employees 

Safety and Sanitation Program

Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Receiving, Storage and Procedures Development, FIFO

FOH/Dining Room Components

Guest Counts and Table Turns

Check Averages

Space Renovation

Foodservice Training for Employees

Management Training

Reservation System

Wine Componenets

Vineyard Management

Sales and Marketing

Bottling Production





Wine Service


Back Office/Management Components

Entrepreneurial Brainstorming

Concept, Theme, Layout

Cost Controls

Cash Flow Analysis, Proforma

Budget Development and Forecasting

Financial Reporting

Operational Layout

Vendor Selection, Contracts and Terms

Customer Response Modules

Customer Development and Retention

Internal and External Marketing

Back-office and POS systems (outsourced)

Web Presence


Banquet Service Programs and Solicitation

Off-Site Catering Programs and Solicitation

Job Descriptions, Employee and Operations Manuals

Labor Efficiency and Cost Analysis

Recruitment and Hiring

Supply Chain (Multi-Unit)

Waste Management

Health Code Compliance

Labor Law Compliance

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